Broken Spectre — 2022

74 minutes 10 seconds, 16K Digital & 35mm
Produced in Brazil and Ecuador, 2019-2022

Director / Producer: Richard Mosse
Cinematographer / Editor: Trevor Tweeten
Composer / Sound Designer: Ben Frost
Fixer/Translators: Alesadro Falco & Gabriel Uchita
Colourist: Jerome Thelia

Broken Spectre is the culmination of three years of painstaking documentation, using a wide range of scientific imaging and sound technologies to capture environmental crimes in the world’s most crucial yet ignored ecological war zone. Filmed in remote parts of the Brazilian Amazon, Mosse, with longtime collaborators Trevor Tweeten and Ben Frost worked together to overcome the inherent challenges of representing the urgent and ongoing effects of climate change, making visible the immediate impact of climate catastrophe. 

Co-commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, and Barbican Art Gallery, London.