The Betweens — 2021

30 minutes Site Specific Dance Film

Choreographed by: Jermaine Spivey & Spenser Theberge
in collaboration with the dancers

Director of Photography: Trevor Tweeten

“As our This project began as an investigation of the possibilities for performance, in both body and site, during the Covid era. As our conversation around this deepened, the words “placement”, “replacement”, and “displacement” became increasingly present. There’s an inherent relationship between these words, and it’s liminal and ever-changing— slipping in and out of, adapting to, and accommodating different states of being. This liminality has been at the heart of our process, and it lead us to this central question: How do you maintain a sense of self when you’re constantly placed, replaced, and displaced? Through this process, we aim to explore, perform, and reframe this question as a representation of this never-ending reorientation of self and site.”

-Jermaine Spivey & Spenser Theberge